Themed activities

Lac À l'Eau-Claire - Themed activities

Our meeting rooms and vast site allow for the organization of high‑performance business meetings and leisure activities offering something for every taste.

Combine work and play!

Your guests will be delighted by the beauty of the site and the many activities available all year long, both indoors and outdoors.

Team building and motivation!

You find yourself in a magnificent place where nature, wide‑open spaces, and activities are readily accessible right alongside stimulating meeting rooms. It’s the perfect time to plan for a teambuilding activity and develop a level of team spirit that will enable your troops to reach unequalled pinnacles of performance!

A few motivating and inspiring ideas:

  • Fishing Tournament 
  • Rally geocaching (GPS) 
  • Olympics 
  • Activity rabaska 
  • Culinary activity
  • Hockey Game

Invite your participants to take advantage of the Wellness Centre for a few laps in the pool, some time in the sauna, or the ultimate in relaxation—a massage. The benefits are guaranteed!


The day went well, your meeting was productive, and your objectives have been met‑now it’s time to wind down.

Take advantage of the evening to plan a theme activity!

  • Sance party 
  • Sights 
  • Animation and design customized (rally, Olympics, etc.) 
  • Dinner and themed evening (cruise, medieval, etc.) 
  • Songwriter evening with bonfire 
  • Cocktail pontoon 
  • BBQ at the beach beach 
  • Snowshoeing Torchlight

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